Bernard Poulin is a native of Windsor, ON. He was born in 1945. Bernard is an international painter of official, corporate and private portraits. His subjects range from prominent members of the world’s political, royal, corporate, artistic, sport and religious elite to private family and child portraits. His clients have included the governments of Canada, Bermuda and Ontario as well as corporations, institutions and associations such as the Canadian Pacific Railway, the National Research Council of Canada, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Royal Collections of both Windsor Castle and St-James Palace in London.

Since 1995 investing patrons have been commissioning private thematic exhibitions of Poulin’s work, purchasing the collections sight unseen. These exhibitions have focused on Tuscany, Venice (1996), Provence, (1998), Jerusalem (2000), Paris (2004 & 2005) and a Grand Tour Exhibition in 2007.

Poulin also sculpts in bronze, using the lost wax process. As a muralist, he has created several three-dimensional projects using acrylic, black marble and maple. These can be found in the lobby of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, the Ottawa Children’s Aid Society and the Solange Karsh Center for Medical Research.

A noted lecturer, Bernard Poulin has participated in the creation of a dozen books dedicated to the process of drawing. His articles and television appearances have been translated into Portuguese and Italian.

He is the author of 11 of his own books. His 'The Complete Colored Pencil Book', was published by FW Publications (North Light division) in1992. The first edition sold more than 75,000 copies. Its French translation, 'Le crayon decouleur', was published in Paris in 1995. The soft-cover re-issue of the Complete Colored Pencil Book appeared in 2002 and was again re-released in a revised version under the banner of the Classics Series of North Light books in 2011. In December 2010 'Beyond Discouragement-Creativity' was published as an essay on the effects of the past century on creativity.

In 2012, Bernard’s 'Please Daddy, Hold My Hand' was published by Mirror Comics as a tribute to the bond between fathers and sons. In 2014, this same book was reformatted and published as a children’s book entitled, 'Hold My Hand'. In 2015, 'On Life, Death and Nude Painting', a book promoting the concept of thinking, was published.

In 2011 the Assemblée parle mentaire de la francophonie internationale (the association of the world’s French parliaments) conferred upon Bernard the title of Chevalier (Knight) of the Ordre de la Pléiade, in recognition of his international efforts in both the promotion of visual arts and the French fact.

The biography of the artist appears in the Canadian Who's Who and A Dictionary of Canadian Artists.

Bernard Poulin is represented by agents in Paris France, Bermuda, Kelowna, Ottawa and Sudbury.

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