George’s interest in photography began as a boy in his native Prague. He won his first award at the age of ten, for a daily leading newspaper (founded in 1920). He studied industrial design, then majored in film at Prague’s prestigious Charles University, where he earned a Master’s degree in film. In 1986 he fled former Czechoslovakia with his wife, Jana, lived in Rome and eventually settled in Canada.

He lived for the past twenty-five years in Toronto, where he continued to work in commercial film as well as in photography. He traveled frequently to shoot urban landscapes in various locales in which he found artistic inspiration – such as Italy, France, Spain, UK and Cuba, not to mention Canada.

Since 1995, George consistently questioned this evolution of time and was challenged to capture it on film. His images not only reflect time, they also stimulate our senses, evoke old memories and atmospheres and nurture our dreams at the same time.

George employed mostly traditional techniques of non-manipulated photography. Over the years, much of his work was shot in black-and-white on a classic film and panoramic Hasselblad camera. In recent years, he also worked with colour and in digital formats.

He endeavored to capture their timeless truths, thereby challenging himself, and all of us, on the notion that time is ephemeral at all. Indeed, his images – poignant, quirky, and full of life – say otherwise. They stimulate our senses, evoke memories and moods, and nurture our dreams.

George Pavlasek’s work is on display at Koyman Galleries in Ottawa, Ontario.

Original Photograph by George Pavlasek
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